Freight transport


We transport loose, packaged and liquid goods from the food, non-food and hazardous goods sectors for you by road, rail or water.

Conventional and combined freight transport

The days when logistics chains consisted solely of conventional transport are over. Today, a wide variety of transport modes and routes have to be combined in order to remain competitive. That’s why we already handle a significant proportion of the transport volume by ship and rail. This allows us to offer our customers a consistently wide variety of advanced logistics and guarantee efficient product handling.


Reaching your destination safely with the latest logistics technology

Your trust is our most important asset. Quality and safety are therefore always our top priority as a logistics company. To guarantee this, all our vehicles are replaced after 36 months – without exception!

Thanks to state-of-the-art transport technology and SAP-based transportation management, our fleet is always up2Date. We adhere strictly to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System) quality standards.

This is how we get your industrial goods safely to their destination.

SAP-based transportation management:

  • Fully integrated scheduling with SAP BEST4LOGX
  • High-performance tracking IT
  • Telematics connection

Efficient logistics management down to the smallest detail:

  • Integration of driver and fleet management
  • Integration of truck service management
  • Standardised and customer-specific EDI formats


Our logistics hubs in Duisburg and Hamburg

At our location in the Port of Duisburg, we take advantage of the extensive Duisport network for our customers. Logport Duisburg, the trimodal logistics hub in Western Europe, has the ideal infrastructure for our flexible freight transport by road, rail or water.

Our second logistics hub is our base in the Port of Hamburg, which offers you all the options for transporting goods by sea and land. The ideal connections to shipping enable multimodal transport with direct connections to the overseas ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


Our logistics solutions for your freight transport:


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