Suction vehicles/vacuum silo trailer trucks

Our specialised vacuum silo trailer trucks provide fast help for cleaning up spills and emptying big bags. The vehicle equipment includes a soundproofed, cooled compressor that operates at a negative pressure of up to 0.6 bar and is thus able to absorb and upload powdered and granulated goods. Our vacuum silo trucks have a capacity of 56 to 60 m³ and a special vacuum system for loading or offloading products. The vacuum and pressure silo trailer trucks are also suitable for handling a range of hazardous materials (ADR). This allows loose bulk materials to be picked up from storage silos, other silo vehicles, big bags or octabins, or directly from the ground, and quickly transported to any chosen location. The process does not require reloading and thus saves time and money. The goods are then blown out into the designated containers at the destination. An adjustable pressure discharge of up to 2 bar ensures that goods are unloaded cleanly and gently.



Timon Schulz
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