Wind sifting of plastic granules


Successful product handling relies on ensuring the highest quality of plastic granules. Even the finest dust particles can cause irreversible damage.
Our solution for you? Winnowing! This innovative process covers a wide spectrum and is ideal for removing the slightest contamination of granulate. As experts in plastic separation, we always guarantee the highest quality in granulate handling – discover our wide range of services!


Innovative technology for cleaning granules 

For the winnowing of your granules, we use a four-level conical sifter, which ensures flawless dust removal. Through the use of ionised counterflow air, even impurities that adhere electronically can be loosened from the granule surface and cleanly removed.
Whether it’s the product’s own dust or microscopically fine adhesions – our in-house separation technology removes any contamination. The electropolished stainless steel construction naturally complies with strict FDA standards.

Winnowing to remove the finest impurities

  • Angel hair
  • Snake skins
  • Film
  • Tinsel
  • Black specks
  • Foreign dust

We’re coming to you!

We’re here when you need us: we offer the winnowing screening procedure at our locations – and wherever you are! Our mobile granulate sorting systems are equipped with two winnowing machines and combine flexibility with the highest quality standards.

Ready for use in just a few hours, we will take care of your plastic separation nationwide. On your own premises.


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