Breaking down and crushing plastics


The filling and refilling of products are processes that are highly susceptible to malfunctions: caking, blockages, heavy flow and lump formation can significantly affect the entire process.

At separation AG, we only use state-of-the-art technologies to prevent complications of this kind. By loosening, refining and fluidising, we always guarantee optimum product handling and the best plastic quality.


Always the right diagnosis for your plastics

If your raw materials are only affected by small clumps, effective loosening by our vibration and tumbling sieves is usually sufficient.

In the case of more stubborn plastic lumps, on the other hand, a product-sensitive approach is essential. In order to always achieve the desired grain size, we work with our lump crusher technology to meet these requirements.

Whether small or large impurities – our experts analyse your products under the highest quality standards and find the right solution for you!


Cool handling for thermoplastics etc.

Do your plastics require temperatures below 40 °C? No problem! We are also your contact for particularly heat-sensitive products such as thermoplastics. In these sensitive areas, we work with cooled cutting shafts, and the speed of rotation is continuously adjusted using a magnetic gear. The contact pressure is also individually adapted to your products.

separation AG technology – always tailored to your needs.


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