Sorting plastic granules

Even when the utmost care is taken throughout all the processes involved in plastics production, the contamination of granules cannot be ruled out. These are sensitive goods that suffer when they are unpacked or stored incorrectly. Burning can also contaminate the granules.
separation AG is your ideal partner for eliminating such defects and guaranteeing the quality and purity of your granules. With our specially developed process technology, we can sort mixed or damaged granules for you. Goods can be delivered to us in bulk and in any type of container – as a loose batch or in bags, big bags or octabins.

Our expertise and experience in granule sorting

We have many years of expertise, which you can rely on throughout the product handling process. Foreign bodies, nozzle tears, yellowing, black specks and other material changes that reduce your granulate quality – we’ve seen it all, looked for it and found it all. Our experience also allows us to identify the weak points in your goods, significantly improving the quality of your plastic granules.

Potential defects in granules without sorting

  • Foreign bodies (e.g. dust, metal, wood, film)
  • Nozzle tears
  • Burned granules
  • Yellowing and streaks
  • Black specks and spots
  • Material changes (e.g. husks, longs, angel hair, tinsel, etc.)

Our ultra-modern sorting technology provides you with added value

State-of-the-art technology is the only way to combine the cost-effectiveness of sorting processes, compliance with legal requirements and process engineering requirements. You will benefit from our ultra-modern, in-house sorting technology for plastic granules, guaranteeing optimum output.

Thanks to our specially developed sorting of high-quality technical plastic pellets, we offer you the decisive advantage in bulk logistics.

Mobile granule sorting – on your premises!

We’re here when you need us: our Mobile Granule Clinic®, offers a unique procedure – on your own premises. How does it work? The system is installed on a vehicle chassis and is easy to transport. It only takes two employees just a few hours to get the system up and running. The safe and uncomplicated process combines four granule separation techniques specially developed for plastic-specific sorting tasks. This means we can always use the right technology for you, wherever you are.

Are you interested in our product treatment processes for sorting plastic granules? We would be happy to offer you personalised and individual advice!