Modern technology you can rely on.

Our versatile fleet is always at the cutting edge of technology. Because our vehicle fleet is comprised exclusively of the latest generation vehicles fitted with low-emission engines. This means that we contribute to greater sustainability in the transport sector and can simultaneously guarantee smooth and seamless processes.

On request, we can also advertise the partnerships with our customers out on the road and commission the production of customer-branded semi-trailers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time you wish.

Mobile Granule Clinic®

42 m3 tipping silo

42 m3 tipping silo, food

60 m3 tipping silo

60 m3 tipping silo, Food

90 m3 tipping silo

Tipping silo, food, stainless steel

ADR 30 ft. silo container

30 ft. silo container

40 ft. silo container

Suction truck/vacuum silo trailer truck

Udder silo

Box semi-trailer with automated loading/unloading system

Curtainsider semi-trailer

Folding wall semi-trailer

Aluminium box body semi-trailer

Granulate belt thrower

90th anniversary trailer


From our partner KTV logistics.

Tank semi-trailer

Trailer w. rear-loading crane

Box body trailer

Tarpaulin semi-trailer

Tarpaulin semi-trailer w.
transportable forklift

Tarpaulin trailer w.
transportable forklift

Peterbild Showtruck