Responsibility – founded on tradition.

We are a modern, quality-oriented provider of logistics services with a long-established tradition and, as such, bear responsibility not only for our employees and our customers’ products, but also for the environment. Today, sustainable actions are an essential element of our corporate philosophy.

For us, sustainability means the attachment of equal importance to social, ecological and economic interests. We commission an independent provider to conduct an annual assessment of the success of our sustainability strategy and evaluate it with the aid of a sustainability rating. We are currently ranked among the top 25 per cent of companies assessed in our industry segment.

Selected examples of our efforts in the area of sustainability:

Social responsibility:

  • The strong and stable structures of a family business
  • Secure jobs, equal opportunities and fair, long-term employment contracts
  • Comprehensive career advancement and training programmes for all employees
  • JobRad bike leasing opportunities
  • Provision of smartphones to all employees, e.g. for participation in e-learning programmes and use of the GREIWING App

Economic responsibility:

  • Strategic growth of the Greiwing Group
  • Continuous expansion of business segments
  • Adaptation to market developments

Ecological responsibility:

  • Latest-generation vehicles and utilisation of multimodal transport concepts
  • Automated registration, analysis and documentation of all emission-relevant data in a constantly updated carbon footprint log
  • All vehicles fitted with low-emission engines
  • Sustainable energy concepts as a key factor in the planning of new buildings
  • Prevention of waste and emissions whenever possible
  • Use of recyclable products and packaging materials
  • Increase in employee attentiveness and heightened awareness with regard to sustainability
  • Efficient and environmentally-conscious working methods, supported by digitalisation projects
  • Efficient and environmentally-conscious working methods, supported by digitalisation projects, e.g. document management system with digital files
  • Provision of information in digital form with a view to reduction of paper-based processes
  • Continuous optimisation of transports, avoidance of empty runs, utilisation of loading capacities, meeting transports, suitable equipment for different transport requirements
  • Member of the OCS program: Operation Clean Sweep® is an international program designed to prevent the loss of plastic granules during handling by the various entities in the plastics value chain and their release into the environment