Drying plastic granules


During the processing of various granules and plastics, moisture is a dreaded adversary that often makes its appearance during transport or storage. The moisture penetrates the materials and can ruin entire margins if drying is not carried out properly or is not carried out at all.
In order to prevent such errors, granulate drying or post-drying is an integral part of our service portfolio. With technology and expertise, we guarantee maximum product safety and quality at all times.


How does moisture get into your goods?

Plastics and granules pass through many stages on their way to the end product. During transport and storage, the goods are exposed to large temperature fluctuations. The humidity condenses on the surface – and your material becomes moist. Depending on the weather and time of year, contact with ambient air can also cause moisture absorption.


What damage does the damp do?

During the melting process, condensation triggers a chemical reaction in the plastics, their structure is altered and the molecular weight is reduced. As a result, the viscosity decreases.

Whether optical, chemical, physical or mechanical properties – the wet material can have a negative effect on the entire range of moulded parts.

Our drying process, however, will save your granules and bulk materials from all of these negative effects.


How do we proceed with granulate drying?

In our special drying systems, we gently remove moisture from the plastic – up to a residual moisture content of less than 300 ppm! In a closed loop, the drying air transports the removed granulate moisture into the drying agent.

Even damaged products are not a problem for our granulate drying technology.


We guarantee your product quality!

Drying the granules plays a key role in plastics processing. Only if the materials are free from moisture are they further processed by raw material manufacturers. If the recommended residual moisture tolerance is not met immediately prior to processing, the products are excluded.

With our proven granulate drying processes, we support you in ensuring the quality requirements of your products at all times.


Are you interested in our processes for drying plastic granules?
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