Granulate belt thrower

When it comes to logistics, making the best possible use of space saves money. A granulate belt thrower makes this possible. With our granulate belt thrower, we can carry out on-site rear loading of both 20 and 30-foot containers. Its tilting chassis makes it versatile to use. The thrower is inserted into the container’s PE inliner and the granulate is fed into the acceleration belt via a funnel in free fall. Adjusting the belt speed and the angle of inclination of the thrower allows the full capacity of the container to be utilised.

As well as organising transport for our customers, we can also collect the containers from the terminal, attach the PE inliner and take care of subsequent loading at the shipper’s site. We also organise onward transport by road, rail or water – and, if desired, we can also take care of the storage.