Our tower silos with a capacity of 100 m³ to 355 m³ can be rented on a fixed or variable basis – the rental period is determined by our customers.

These tower silos are suitable for all free-flowing goods from various industries. In addition to storage, we take care of the organisation of the entire logistics process, before and after transportation, as well as product handling. 


We set up our Flex-Silos exactly where and when you need them for flexible storage of all types of free-flowing goods. A customisable solution that avoids the need for laborious approval processes.

We would, of course, also be pleased to plan direct connections to your production lines for you.

The advantages of Flex-Silos:

  • Depending on locally applicable statutory regulations, building permits and the payment of approval costs may not be necessary
  • Choice of silo sizes (30 – 120 m³)
  • Flexible storage of pourable goods
  • Individualised filling options
  • Elimination of handling and storage costs increases economic efficiency
  • Ready to use
  • Product transportation in closed systems improves quality